Lipids are extracted from larvae biomass by solvent extraction (1/2 w/v ratio)
Chemical extraction is performed using feed-grade solvents, for example hexane which removes the oil fraction of insects.


Exploring the potential of lipids from black soldier fly: New paradigm for biodiesel production (I)
Black soldier fly, a high lipids containing insect, can be used as a new and viable biomass feed-stock, using organic matters (animal manure, restaurant waste, and fermentation straw) and increasing the overall biodiesel yield.

Optimization of self-fermented period of waste coconut endosperm destined to feed black soldier fly larvae in enhancing the lipid and protein yields.
The prime objective of this study was to simultaneously enhance the lipid and protein yields from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) fed with waste coconut endosperm.

Insect fatty acids: A comparison of lipids from three Orthopterans and Tenebrio molitor L. larvae
In order to explore some potential insect sources of food lipids, the lipid compositions of three Orthopterans (Acheta domesticus, Conocephalus discolor and Chorthippus parallelus) were analyzed and compared with those of Tenebrio molitor larvae…..”

How to Use Black Soldier Flies for Biowaste Treatment (short version)