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According to an International non profit environmental Organization, The Natural Resources Defense Council’s report, “Food production accounts for 80% of the country’s fresh water consumption, but the waste of food means 25% of the fresh water is actually wasted.”

“Pharmaceuticals and pesticides in waste could potentially accumulate in every loop of the treatment system and spread to the environment”. Read more ….. & ….. “Fly larvae composting could thus impede the spread of pharmaceuticals and pesticides into the environment.”


The carbon footprint of global food wastage


Food wastage footprint 1

by FAO

Food Wastage Footprint 2

The full economic, environmental and social costs of food loss and waste.

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The world’s environmental management systems standard, ISO 14001, has been revised. Here, Kevin McKinley, Acting ISO Secretary-General, and Anne-Marie Warris, Chair of the subcommittee that revised ISO 14001, tell you everything you need to know about the new edition of this landmark standard that is helping organizations around the world to reduce their impact on our environment.